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Imprint Africa does digital differently. We implement digital strategies that facilitate a knowledge transfer from digital experts to business owners. Our consultation allows us to dig in a little deeper, and we have identified a customized action plan that would allow you to see results you desire.


About Us

We collaborate with our clients in unlocking their brand potential through digital marketing. Our highly skilled digital experts are able to provide 360-degree coverage thus content creation, branding, digital strategy, coaching, website design and business development. Our team brings on board a combined experience of over 15 years in the hospitality, medical, beauty, entertainment, corporate and real estate sectors. With a growing reputation in brand building and digital marketing expertise, Imprint Africa aims to continue disrupting the African digital and creative industry.

Our mission

Equip early-stage businesses in emerging markets with knowledge & expertise to accelerate business growth within the global digital economy.

Our Services


Our team has both local and international experience developing and maintaining E-commerce sites. We help our clients take full advantage of the growing e-commerce space.

Social Media

Our social media team will develop engaging social media strategy that will relate to your target audience and set you apart from your competitors.


We help you unpack your Mission, Vision, and Value statements to effectively unlock your brand promises and create an ideal and personalised user journey across touch points.

Digital Training

We offering digital marketing strategy development and trainings for businesses seeking to understand how they can leverage digital marketing for growth within their businesses.

Digital Coaching

Our coaches help you develop internal capacity for businesses to leverage digital for growth and maximise on existing company talent

Business Development

Business Development Sessions are included in many of our services. Our team will work alongside you using the to create a long-term outlook on your business.

Our Clients

 The word around town

Getting the opportunity to work and interact with Imprint Africa has been eye-opening in the sense that we are now able to define our brand and develop an effective digital marketing strategy to boost our organisation’s branding needs and fuel our business growth.


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